Our Approach

We Take a Four Step Approach to Build
Your Web Presence


Position Your Company Through
Marketing, Website Design and
Digital Media

The marketing process in its entirety requires time, money, and energy. It also takes incredible amounts of preparation on the part of highly skilled professionals. We want all of our clients to find success in their marketing, so we start with a custom and strategic digital marketing plan. A strategic marketing plan is what sets the foundation for your entire online presence. We:

  • Determine where you stand on the web with your current strategy.
  • Discover your short-term and long-term marketing goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate your target market and your competitive positioning.

Then we take what we’ve learned to build your total web presence, which involves website design and development.


Pursue Leads Through Pay-Per-Click
and Search Engine optimization

Google Ad Campaigns Through Search Network

Let our team of Certified Google AdWords professionals eliminate wasteful spending and drive more high-quality traffic to your site by optimizing your PPC campaigns for the best performance by revising or sourcing top keyword, custom ad copy and providing advice on landing page optimization. You pay a FLAT MONTHLY FEE depending upon your monthly spend. You pay Google directly, so there are NO HIDDEN MANAGEMENT FEES. Accounting people love us because they can actually reconcile their account.

YouTube Video Ads Management

Our team of YouTube ad experts will set you up for success on the Internet’s biggest video platform to engage your audience and build brand exposure. With YouTube ads, reach potential customers and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube – and only pay when they show interest.

Facebook and Instagram Ads (carousel, videos, download offers)


Promote Your Brand with Content
and Inbound Lead Generation
Marketing Tools

Our Facebook & Instagram Advertising Service can introduce your brand to the right people who are ready to take action. Our team of experts can develop and design water care campaigns to your existing customer base and new prospects. We can build a program that will work with your budget and goals and create targeted ads and custom lists.

It’s hard to capture and captivate the attention of today’s customer. Customers are now using DVRs to bypass commercials on television, and they choose whether or not to follow or subscribe to a company’s online marketing initiatives. Once we’ve planned your web presence and have positioned it to be be found online, we promote it through content marketing and inbound marketing in the form of blogging, video production, e-books, infographics, CTAs, landing pages, and free educational offers.

By providing these forms of communication, you build rapport for your brand and provide customers with useful information that attracts and captivates your target audiences, converting leads and visitors into valuable customers. We’ll create a social, content and video marketing strategy that works to capture new customers, while keeping existing customers well-informed and engaged with your web presence.


Protect Your Brand Through Online
Reputation Management Services

Customers share feedback daily on hundreds of online business directories, review sites, social media, and bookmarking sites. This wealth of chatter- whether good or bad- affects your brand in a huge way. Regular management of your online reputation is necessary to keep your web presence running at its optimum performance.

Our reputation management services ensure that your web presence is shielded from the unfavorable reviews, ratings and defamation that can ruin a brand. Through a proactive reputation management program, we give you the ability to monitor social media and online reviews, help you collect new reviews and help you grow and protect your reputation for years to come.

You’ll Be in Good Hands…

Our Clients

I have and will continue to highly recommend Small Screen Producer to design anyone’s website. They are easy to work with and very communicative. They are very knowledgeable and keep up-to-date with design and increasing technology changes. But beyond the great technical assistance and contemporary design options they offer, they are a great bunch of people eager to see each company, regardless of size, succeed on the web.

We just recently had them re-design our website, and we were thrilled to discover that they used the most up-to-date coding on the website which enabled our website to stay current even with the new requirements from Google for mobile-friendly web design. Their aggressive strategies in web design saved us from a lot of last minute changes and updates and from losing web status or presence.

Thank you to the whole team at Small Screen Producer!

Emily S. – Via Google

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